May 22, 2022 @ 5:17pm
KUALA LUMPUR: The time has come for the government to own and operate its chicken farm to ensure the supply of the perishable item is stable in the country.

Deputy President of the Federation of Malaysian Consumer Associations (Fomca), Mohd Yusof Abdul Rahman proposed that the chicken farms could be managed by government-linked companies or agencies that have expertise in livestock management.

He claimed that the current chicken supply crisis occurred because the poultry stock was controlled by certain cartels that could do anything, including limiting supply if they wanted to manipulate the price.

"Now is the time for the government to look into plans to (have its) own chicken farms which are an alternative to the reliance on private companies.

"This involves food security for the people because the supply can be limited or cut off, even for a period of a few days.

"Do not continue to be pressured by the game played by certain parties who seem to threaten the government by limiting chicken supply for various reasons," he said.

Although the supply of chicken is likely to be cut off for a short period only, Yusof stressed that the impact will still be felt by consumers.

He said the already rising prices would prove hard to come back down, with consumers and traders having to bear it.

"In fact, when there is an own (government) chicken farm, the government also does not have to rely on chicken imported from China," he said.