MIRI: The prices of leafy vegetables in markets in Sarawak have gone up by as much as 100% in places like Miri city with there being a shortage in supplies.

This is largely down to the bad weather. There have been complaints from consumers in Miri that traders at the wet market are selling the greens at exorbitant prices.

A check by The Star on Friday (Jan 11) morning at the Miri Tamu showed that leafy greens like "sayur sawi" and "kai lan" were selling for up to RM12 per kg.

When asked the reason for the steep price hike, a seller said farm price had increased. "There is a shortage of supplies from farms in Sibuti district (60km south of Miri).

"The suppliers in the farms sold to us at the market here at a high price, so we sell to the public at a higher price too.

"The suppliers said they had to sell at higher prices because a lot of their vegetables were destroyed by floods," said a seller.

A check with the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry showed that green vegetables were not been listed as controlled items.

"Usually one week before Chinese New Year, certain vegetables like cabbage and onion will be placed under the price control list," he added.

For now, the prices of vegetables in the market are determined by supply and demand factors, and there is no ceiling.

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