KUANTAN: Fuziah Salleh has slammed a news report which states that rare earth materials producer Lynas has successfully found commercial applications for its water leach purification (WLP) residue.The Kuantan MP, who is a staunch opponent of Lynas, said the report in an English language daily – besides deviating from fact – was irresponsible."Lynas must accept the fact that the Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Minister has already issued a statement that research involving WLP, which is radioactive waste from the Lynas plant, cannot proceed."It must be sent back to its country of origin before the expiration of Lynas' operating licence in September."The executive review committee recommended that studies into recycling the neutralisation underflow residue can continue without involving WLP.

"Because the Condisoil (a type of fertiliser) contains WLP, any further activity in the form of research or potential use can no longer be continued," Fuziah said on Wednesday (March 6).The report said the Condisoil had been tested and found to be safe to use in soil, water, plant tissue and rice grain.The report also claimed that it could have a significant impact on Lynas' licensing conditions because if the WLP had commercial use, there would no longer be a reason to export the waste out of the country.Fuziah, who is a Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, also called out Lynas for not addressing the WLP waste issue previously, and said that the company probably thought people would continue believing their communication strategy."It is as if the radioactive waste does not exist .

It should focus on sending the WLP radioactive waste back to Australia as has been ordered by the minister."The people of Kuantan, whom I represent, want Lynas to be responsible and stop confusing the public with such deviating statements," said Fuziah.

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